Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Tribute to My Mentor

This is an exciting and joyous time in my life. In less than 24 hours, I will have finished my BA in philosophy from Conception Seminary College, a project I started nearly 11 years ago. Already, I have some very promising leads in my career search. There is a newspaper considering me for a semi-regular op. ed. column. (I hope to call it either The Fifth Column or The Philosopher's Stones, but we'll see...) And, to top it off, I'm having a badassed summer for the first time in several years.

If you'd have seen me five years ago, you'd have gotten no indication that I had the potential to be at the wonderful crossroads at which I find myself today. My life was heading nowhere, and I was moving toward that nowhere as fast as I could drunk-drive.

When nobody else, including myself, saw any good in me or any cause for hope, Father John Regan, then director of vocations for the Diocese of Joliet, whom I had known from my pathetic first attempt at getting a seminary education, believed in me. He offered me a second chance, paving the way for me to complete my education, inspiring me to have confidence in myself (which some might argue has gone way overboard!), and enabling me to be where I am today, with, barring any bullsquash interventions on the part of the fates, a bright and promising life ahead of me.

A real hero isn't Zeus, a flawless, all-powerful superbeing. A real hero is a regular person, faced with everyday choices, battling his or her demons--sometimes unsuccesfully, and making a positive impact on his or her fellow people. In my life, Father John Regan has been a real hero.

The video below is a tribute I paid to him at a 2006 appreciation dinner marking his retirement from 13 years as Vocation Director. Please take a few moments to watch it, and get to know the John Regan I've been blessed to know.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Obama and McCain Jokes

From No More Hornets:

Comedians have already begun complaining that they can’t come up with jokes about Barack Obama. But that may just be because of misplaced political correctness. Read full blog.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Playing the Religious Discrimination Card

From Nullifidian:

Since the news that a muslim that had applied to be interviewed for a job as a hair stylist cum model didn’t get the job (because she was unable to do it and lived too far away) and then took the prospective employer to a tribunal for “religious discimination” and was awarded £4,000...Read More

Comparing People to Hitler

From Stuff White People Like:

Being a truly advanced white person means being able to speak with authority about pretty much any field of conversation- especially politics. In order for white people to streamline the process of knowing everything, all human beings can be neatly filed into one of two categories: People I Agree With, and People Who are Just Like Adolf Hitler...Read More

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Max Hardcore Found Guilty of Obscenity

Read all about it here.

Original posting on this blog will begin in early August after the completion of my philosophy degree.

Check This Out

Check this book out. I just hope Mr. Shenkman doesn't mind that I heard about him on The Daily Show.

Original posting on this blog will begin in early August after the completion of my philosophy degree.