Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Max Hardcore Found Guilty of Obscenity

Read all about it here.

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Greg said...

Hey, I like your site. We exchange comments over on Josh's blog.

As it happens, I read a fairly long and intelligent article on the economics of the porn industry not long ago. (You know, it's always surreal to read about porn written entirely from the businessman's point of view... it's a little like the inevitable irony that follow watching the Catholic sequences on 'The Sopranos'.)

Anyway, the upshot was that back in the old days kids flocked to Hollywood to try to get into movies. Well today, apparently, kids flock to Hollywood in order to head down to the San Fernando Valley to see if they can grab that brass ring and get into porn.

Max Hardcore was mentioned in this article, but just as one producer along with many.

So it's just kind of a head twister to think about the fact that so many kids are hoping to ride that porn comet's tail all the way up to the illustrious celebrity of porn stardom.

Still, it's one of those things that's pretty easy to understand, but is still difficult because it has to penetrate through so much social conditioning. I mean, some of these kids are good-looking, sex is not a novelty to them, and it's ultimately a skill that's easy to acquire and perfom. We have every commercial artifice known to man screaming at us what the good life consists of.

So I think it was Horace Greeley who said, "Go west, young man, go west," In this case he would have to add "young woman" as well. So you subtract the moral strictures and you add the relentless and rapacious materialism, and I guess you come up with a new career direction called pornography. (You know, I understand that in several universities in California, they teach porn in film school.)

There's porn in them thar hills, partner.